"Bear Love" For You

There is definitely a teddy bear mood in the air. As icons go soft cuddly toys are associated with babies and little people, sugar and spice and all things nice. Some us hang on to ours for a bit longer but generally they symbolise the security, comfort and freedom of our younger years. So its not a great surprise given the sky of fear that is hanging o'er us that this childhood icon be re-appropriated. I'm suggesting that this it is more than the teddy bear growing up. It is a conscious reconnection with a period in our lives when we felt safer, more secure, less fearful of our lives and the those of our families.

We're living in a state of media crisis, there is no ignoring knife crime, war, politics, credit crunching, terrorism. They have a sobering effect which has us reaching out for times free of worry. So what do Judy Blame, Tony Pronier, Vivienne Westwood , Yuko Kondo and Karl Largerfeld and the bear'laclava have in common? They are just some the signs of 'bear love' I've picked up on. The teddy has grown up, he still looks and sits like a bear just without the sugar coating.

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Anonymous said...

I think you may be onto something.
ps I love your blog.