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So good she had to say it twice..! Please extend a warm welcome to Isabel, Isabel Roverselli. I met Isabel when she decided to get in touch with me and say hi and then very soon after.. bye! "Bye bye" because she was going on her first visit to Mexico a few days after we first met. I asked her if she would be up for doing sharing a few pictures and a few thoughts about her holiday to Mexico.. and she said yes! So I please enjoy these beautiful images courtesy of guest contributor Isabel Roverselli

"Funny to think that I met Leigh because I liked her blog because she said hi because liked my name! I'm a window displayer “mind designer”, conceptuliser, producer and installation designer.. that’s what I do. What I really love is handwork, creating things using different materials and fabrics, I never throw away nothing, everything can be used again. I express my creativity through display and exhibition design and keep an interest art, exhibition, fashion, photography. I'm always looking around me for different ideas and keep my mind open but the thing I like the most is travelling…"

Mexico Mexico… what an amazing trip! the first thing that shocked me were the vivid, bright colours, everything looks so alive, on the streets, in the markets and the fashion, actually more about culture and traditional dressd especially in the small towns. Almost everyone quite simply but with a lot of colour. In the tourist areas like Mexico City, Playa del Carmen, and Cancun, the fashionable folk are influenced by European style, but the city wasn’t really part of my trip.

I saw many amazing the accessorizes, most of those are sold on market stalls and and also in small shop carved out of the sides of the hills. The most used fabrics are linen, cotton, leather and wool, nothing really sophisticate but the fantasy, geometric or flower are almost everywhere. Evident the American influence in contrast with the Mexican and Maya’s culture that still leave a hippie touch, the cow boy hat is more used then the sombrero.I would highly recommend Taxco for the bargain silver, and S. Cristobal and Oxaca for the rest of your shopping, here all the prices are negotiable and are the towns are beautiful. If I've sparked your interest in a trip to Mexico, don’t forget the sea… around Puerto Angel for the Pacific, and Tulum for the Caribbean sea!

Isabel Roverselli

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