Jourdan Dunn It

Its not often I do celebrity so I'll make this quick .. Yesterdays Guardian has an article about Naomi Campbell they quote her as saying she now feels "happy at the thought of retiring from fashion because black models such as Dunn were working" I'll admit that Nay Nay's statement and the follow up comment that came from Jordan "'That makes me feel so proud. I've got the approval of Naomi Campbell - the almighty one" had me feeling quite emotional for a moment. It really is the black models moment to shine spectacularly.

Jourdans in yesterdays Sunday Times Style, 'I Am What I Am' talking about her life .. her mum and Tesco's. What with the sober mood, autumn cooling and the endless scary financial head lines, the love being shared in the black model camp hit the feel good factor. As you know I'm a fan of Jordan did I mention she's the sister of my daughters friends God mother, next door neighbour.. LOL! sorry I'm being silly but I do love that she was spotted in Primark in Hammersmith.


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