Martyn Roberts / Vauxhall Fashion Scout

Day 4.. 17th Sept

Its amazing who you can meet while your blogging in the Vauxhall Fashion Scout / Koodos sponsored Moroccan themed media centre. I was introduced to Martyn Roberts by a very nice lady doing a fabulous job in the tad cold souk tent. Many are mislead by the Vauxhall in VFS.. Its not Vauxhall SW8 but rather a collaboration between Vauxhall Motors and Fashion Scout founders Martyn Roberts and John Walford. If your still confused its based at Baden Powell House a skip and a hop away from the British Fashion Council tent at the Natural History Museum. Should also say a quick thanks to VFS for making room for the bloggers !

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Ondo Lady said...

Yes I was very impressed. Great to see someone respecting the bloggers.