Memsor Kamarake

Greetings! London Fashion Week, 100% Design, Tent London, The House of Viktor and Rolf have all come to an end. So what next in the way of exciting news. I got a text message from a number I didn't recognise yesterday it read on the street/lanky, I logged on to check it out. I did'nt get it, I see an image of an older gentleman stood by his bicycle, carrying what looks like a 35mm camera round his neck looking like a train spotter. Actually its Bill Cunningham and he's a cool spotter ! The most unlikely one I ever saw. And I think right there you have it. Bill Cunningham, unassuming, unlikely and unfashioned feels like Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist right..? wrong Cunninghams to Schuman like Blek le Rat is to Banksy.. the daddy. By that I mean old school, been out there doing it for the longest time.

Anyhoo back to the street lanky I'm sitting watching On The Street with Bill Cunningham New York Times Photographer and he's talking about an evolution in young men's style, redefining fashion for their generation, moving away from the body sculpting or at the other end of the spectrum slob styling to precision dressing and who should pop up at 1.40 mins into the article but Vibe Magazine Fashion Director Memsor Kamarake aka 'MK' ! I got on the phone to get the details of his NY debut. MK tells me he knew nothing about it until text messages woke him out of his Sunday slumber. I ask whether he realised he was being cool hunted and no he didn't he never heard a click. See thats the difference, Cunninghams an undercover observer and as much I love the Sartorialist for the most part Schumans the opposite. Well I'm tickled, it was good to see MK in the NYtimes!! looking all lanky and suave with this colleague Roger.

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