Wildlife Works London Fashion Week S/S 09

Day 2.. 15th Sept

Spotted this brand "Wildlife Works" a few months ago while I was helping out at the British Fashion Council.. Its an unusual name which comes from its wildlife sanctuary beginnings. So you'll get this 100% organic labels saving wildlife with substance and style ethos. WLW's home is an eco-sanctuary based in Kenya sells mainly in the US yet this collection feels very much like 1970's London town maybe it was the center part crimped hair styling that did it.

Barry Grainger has created a great looking and most importantly wearable global traveller collection. Lots of easy to wear sperates to pick from, I could be wrong but the pale blue denim'esq pieces arent chambray but linen, maybe? Look out for free floaty and gentle volume, African foliage prints, a loose fit navy mini dress, ruffled layers, paisley embellishments, embroidery, tie dye maxi's, did I mention ruffles and sheer frills and a whimsical palazzo pant play suit.

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