Vivienne Westwood 'Resistance to Propaganda'

Just a quick post and apologies for the filling up your inbox with endless post notices.. oop's! Blogging from the mobile isn't as great as I thought it might be. I'm very late for lunch with an old buddy.. I have exactly 14 mins to get there from Oxford Circus so I'm making this one very brief.

I popped into Central Saint Martins library last week to have a look at Viv Westwoods mega book Active Resistance to Propaganda ( I'm repeating myself but this book is one of the largest fashion books ever to be published). So I realise this is old news but this was the first time I've seen the book up close and personal and I'm amazed at the ladies drive, passion and stamina lets not forget she's 67 ..designing, modelling and ever the activist. This season right after her Gold Label show in Paris she flew the refashion DIY flag. She offered the best advice I've heard this season.. I'm off to Woolies to get me a new sewing machine!
"I'm just saying you can make things out of your table cloth or some curtains. Don't get depressed. Style it with a nice little jacket if you happen to have one. Don't just keep trying to change your look every day by finding a bargain that costs 10 euros (thats about £8). Buy less, let it grow old, choose well, and if you don't have too much then, if it's raining take the plastic shower curtain and you might look great. I'm just saying, do things yourself."

Vivenne Westwood 09.09.08 (Reuters, France)

Active Resistance to Propaganda is the book that details the movement. If you can get into CSM library its on display laid out on a couple of tables because actually it's a very big book. The giant Polaroids were taken by the worlds largest Polaroid camera measure in at a kitchen door size 50cm x 60cm. If you have a shelf strong enough to carry the 25kg its a highly collectible book only 900 copies worldwide. This time I asked the kind librarians for permission to take a few pictures which they happily granted. Oh and by the way you can download the 'Manifesto' 22 pages of the Grand Dames prod and poke at our social and creative consciousness (the text part of the book) from the website.. nice..! Now I gotta run.. friend waiting and belly's rumbling.


Helen-LG said...

Sounds like a fantastic book, I shall have to find time to get down there are take a look!

Thanks for the tip!

Style Canteen said...

Be sure to call in advance you may need to get the all clear from head honcho librarian person. Any problems try R.D Franks on Winsley Street W1.