Recessionista : Credit Busted £5.00

If there's one thing I get immense pleasure and a ridiculous high from it's sniffing out a bargain. Credit crunching has the bargain spotting eye on auto focus, recessionista seems like a fitting title. As I blog I'm on a train going back into central London from Hornchurch in Essex trying to read the guy sat opposite me Metro paper. I think he's twigged so I go back to thinking about shopping for grandos bargainos. I recently found a pair of mint condition Dolce & Gabbana slacks, a pair of Miu Miu pants and a Christian Dior jumper all for an amazing £2 a pop. That was a rush that still has the old bargain twitching eye pleading for mercy.

Its a pity I don't have any more pictures in my phone library too share but I do have these .. A Burberry silk square scarf 50p, a fluffy angora shoulder padded pastel pink jumper £1.50, an 8 piece linen and lace trim coaster set £1 (this buy was inspired by Viktor & Rolf Russian Doll collection A/W 99/00) I intend to embellish these with crystal transfers ..maybe. Lastly a cute pair of tonal pink peep toe sandals £2. Grand total £5 and we're not even at Liverpool street yet !
Sitting in the lower price band might suggest that I have a bad habit for collecting a load of old tat! I only buy what I love and will use the other side to that coin is that I also keep trends such as button and lace detail, hemlines, colours, fabrics (sheers always seem to do well) in the back of my mind. I also buy good quality vintage & retro investment pieces and wear my finds gently so I can sell them on when i've finished enjoying them.


Helen-LG said...

I love a good bargain myself. I'm curious though - do you wear the pink angora with the shoulder pads or would you take them out?

Were your finds from Hornchurch? I used to go to school in Essex and there are some great finds to be had in the charity shops there - or there were 10 years ago!

Chantal said...

Please Please take me shopping with you next time. Credit Crunch has me singing the ' I don't have anything pretty blues!' xx