Sean Pines Fashion

Tonight I'm at Sean Pines Fashion. Sean is the talented photographer working with Nora Nona and stylist Samson Soboye on his personal project running at the 320 Gallery just off the Bethnal Green Road London (walk around the back of his studio) I'm still trying to familiarise myself with photographers and their style of work, I went to learn and maybe get an Inside Fashion interview but alas it was not too be. Sean was welcoming but sweetly and politely turned me down. I think he might be camera shy, it probably being on the other side of the camera that's scary or maybe it was just scary me. In the absence of an interview Seans very talented and he's out there letting the world know.

I came away with some shots of his work, his supporters and memories of laughing uncontrollably at an introduction to 'mr organic' (not his real name) and his 6 month old, never been washed Paul Smith Red Label jeans. Apparently the sales advisor told him to never wash them.. ewwwwwh ! I couldn't stop laughing, his story got funnier as it went on.. Guess it was one of those you has to be there moments...

Sean Pines Fashion . Gallery 320 - 320 Bethnal Green Road London E2 0AG

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