Eley Kishimoto Brand Bible

Eley Kishimoto have been to Tokyo, the The Old/New Testament exhibition was held at Hanae Mori Bldg 2nd Floor 6-1 Kitaaoyama, 3 Chome. A stark white space was an excellent setting for their auto biographical 'illustrate and define' concept show. The public were invited to view signature vivid prints including the iconic multi personality Flash print. The original one print multi medium marvel. Their confidence is admirable, the infamous print works on everything from G-Wiz electric cars, to furniture, to wallpaper to Nikes to Converse high and low top kicks to East Pak backpacks to cult Medicom brickbe@rs ...the list of cohorts is endless. If that's not enough visitors also had a preview of my favourite Little Devils SS 09 collection, and the opportunity to see now archived but highly relevant projects and brand collaborations. If your unfamiliar with Eley Kishimotos versatile take on design and fashion its worth visiting the website, it tells the story 360.

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