Too Much Too Young

I can remember the first time S***R formally known as Swear hit my shoe radar. At the time I was madly in love with my sixth pair of Nike Cortez. T'was 2003 or 2004 I'm not too sure but it was definitely right around the time of eye2eye Londons first trends focused, designer accessories only trade show at the Truman Brewery. We'd set up shop trying to get buyers excited about our leather handbags with the Afro Nostalgia photo transfer print and super polished mirrored acrylic handles "perfect for impromptu make-up touch ups". We were literally rubbing shoulders on a tiny stand with another label into acrylic, by the looks of Tatty Divine still are. Terence Wong was spreading the hype about Swear and word soon reached us.
So when we found ourselves on Carnaby Street after show time we went snooping round the flagship store and spent a very long time trying on white leather pointy sports shoes. Sadly, for the patient sales bloke, we didn't part with any money but the memory's still there. Partly because Swear design beautiful white leather kicks and partly because they were just so darn different from any other sports shoes out at the time. Fast forward to 2008, Swear are still with us and still doing it different, successfully combining footwear and indie beats. At the tender age of 7 years old they're getting ready to release their Greatest Hits Vol. I compilation album. A project based around Swears signature statement setting style and I quote 'a bunch of bands we like in a CD look book project'. Musicians model in the ad campaign, look out for it in Vice Magazine, and are also featured on the album. You may never have heard of these bands before but the line up includes Comanechi ,Vincent Vincent and the Villains, Dear Thief, The New Black Light Machine, Twisted Charm, Micron63, Stricken City, SCUM, Part Chimp and Kasms. The whole caboodle's being launched at a very secret secret gig this Thursday.. 13th November. I have absolutely no idea where, but I bet its going to be live!


Anonymous said...

really nice history lesson on the background of Swear. You missed an important date stamp though, in 2006 SWEAR became S***R (when the word swear becomes a swear word).

Helen-LG said...

I'm not very familiar with Swear/S***R but this sounds like a great anniversary celebration, I shall have to look out for it and see what I've been missing out on!

Style Canteen said...

Thanks for spotting the deliberate typo mistake ;-)I stand corrected..!