"We, Us, Our"

THEY DID IT ! America really, really did .. WOW how absolutely incredible is it to see America vote Barack Obama as their 44th President. I'm watching CNN, the next first family of the United States on the stand. Obama is about to give his first Presidential speech in Grant Park Chicago watch it live on the link.
Back in January when Obey sent me the link to the now infamous Hope & Progress posters I was impressed by the image, its a powerful one. Since then watching, the progress of the campaign roll out, the Hope and Progress poster has popped up in the background everywhere. It was interesting to see because the posters were speaking to a younger audience. It says youth, 66% of the vote was from young America. Its says now, it says style and a totally different attitude. Powerful stuff were witnessing looking forward to see how he governs and gets things done. What an exciting week, first Lewis Hamilton and now President Elect Barack Obama.

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