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I'm at home blogging & chil'axin, I popped over to Form and spotted a link to Style Canteen (thank you..) just one of those little details that make Paul & Paula, the designers behind GSK Contemporary and other fabulousness very cool folk. They're open, have a great sense of humour most of all they're genuine, combine this with their creative talent and suddenly the international design market becomes a rather huge oyster.
CEDIM (Centro de Estudios Superiores de Diseño de Monterrey) Mexico specialises in design, innovation and business, the have a vision to become the most relevant educational institution in art and design in Latin America. They teach, amongst other subjects fashion design and management. Friends who know the design / fashion scene in Mexico are excited they tell me this is a big deal for Mexico! Michael Garçia Novak Director General of CEDIM contacted Form last year to design their new brand identity and printed marketing communication. I'm a self confessed curtain twitcher so naturally I'm interested in the details of how the partnership came together.

The story behind Form’s journey to winning the contract in Monterrey was the result of many visits to Mexico starting in February 2006. As a representative of British design at the Guadalajara UK Design Forum in 2006 Form were invited to lecture to 2,000 professionals and students at the prestigious annual Design Week Monterrey conference an event hosted by CEDIM. As a result Novak approached Form to discuss a collaboration to re-brand the college identity. The project coincides with the colleges 30th anniversary and a move to a new campus for ‘08/09, Form were keen to take up the opportunity. x
They visited the new campus in April ‘08 to discuss Novak’s philosophy and vision for the college. The new campus designed, by architects Arquitectura 911sc and Fernanda Canales became the inspiration behind the stylised concept. As West says “what impressed us immediately on visiting CEDIM is the sense of open three dimensional space and the personality of the school. Assisted by Becky Johnson, West spent four days shooting the campus in July capturing the essence of innovation, the work created in the building and the personality of the lecturers and the students. The project includes a dual purpose fold out dust jacket (which also acts as a cost saving, separate promotional leaflet - unfolding to list course details and a poster worthy of adorning any wall!)
Told you Form are good people, Novak has this to say about them "Form is the most enthusiastic and professional team of designers I have ever worked with. They take the time to understand who you are before attempting to communicate it, they are very well organized, meet every deadline and are very passionate about their work. This is the first time we are using a brand identity as opposed to a brand image, communicating our value for what we truly are as an institution".

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