School work has me researching the epitome of feminine, the classic chic french 'bow'. I touch on Louis XIV and the French Revolution, hence a visit to # 23 Sharon Kivland A Wind of Revolution Blows A Storm Is On The Horizon at the CHELSEA Space was a wonderful excuse to get from under the books, wrap up little man and take in some art. Kivland spends her working life in London and France, she's an artist and writer who's work combines the public and the political.

The exhibition is cool in a delightful, nostalgic and crafty way, ironic as its theme is 'fashion courting death through constant revolution'. Kivland medium is textiles, jewellery and illustration exploring 'the relation between fashion and revolutionary moments in the history of France'. Illustrations have been recreated from C18th journals and slogans such as 'ou la mort'.. and 'liberte' are embroidered on to beautiful long suede gloves and vintage fabrics framed in classic wooden embroidery rings. Although I did find bows the list of works consulted in the back of the accompanying booklet Fashion: A Glossary of Terms will come in handy.
CHELSEA space Sharon Kivland:A Wind of Revolution Blows, the Storm is on the Horizon November 7th – December 13th 2008 Tuesday to Friday 11.00am – 5.00pm, Saturday 10.00am – 4.00pm
Steve Thomas Big Biba and Other Stories
All in all, an afternoon well spent as I also found the CHELSEA Space a new favourite. The other revelation was that I was a month too late to see #22 Steve Thomas - Big Biba and other stories. One of my first memories of desperately seeking adulthood wasn't bright red lipstick and high heels. It was a glossy tube of black lipstick and a pair of red feather slippers, both were prized possession of my eldest sister and both caused me a lot of pain for borrowing. Probably why to this day both Biba and feather slippers fascinate me. After dark we played in the grounds of Chelsea College which is illuminated (click on the image to get the full effect !) its amazing at night as the light channels embedded into the ground change colour at intervals, little man wore him self out playing 'light and go chase' while I was watched a cocoon installation being created.

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