Flash GSK

Steve, Catherine (Alicat Jewellery) Samson '21 again' Soboye (on the right),

Katie Grand the stylists stylist ex Pop now editor-in-chief of soon to be bi-annual edgy experimental magazine Love is having a tea and treasure hunt at FLASH the pop up restaurant owned by David Waddington & Pablo Flacks on Wednesday. I'm told its the launch of Love which doesn't officially hit the news stands until February 2009. So we (Samson Soboyes birthday party were chuffed to get a booking there before Flash shuts up shop in the New Year (18th January). Its almost at the end of its 3 month run at GSK Contemporary at the Royal Academy of Art's so its better late than never. If your lucky there's still time to book a table. I didn't get to meet Pablo but David was nice enough, he let me wander around tables full of curious restaurant goers to take a few snaps of the the FLASH interior. So while the birthday boy (21.. again) ate cake on Will Broome illustrated Wedgwood crockery under the FLASH chandelier which incidentally was designed by Giles Deacon. I wandered around the storage crate structure which used to be the West Room re-designed by David Kohn Architects taking pictures.

Felt seaweed and fishy stickers..

Outside the Academy stand the Bronze Nickel

sculptures of Lazarides Gallery artist Anthony Micallef


The Idol Kids of Today Air Forces Ones / Adidas Shell Toe

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