Ghost Bike

This is a children's bike chained to the railings on the central crossing reservation in between Hennes and Nike Town Regents Street. Its painted white but has no plaque so there are no details. I've come across ghost bikes before but I'm hoping this isn't one of them. I contacted Ghost Cycle UK last month, I never heard back here's hoping no news is good news.


Helen-LG said...

I'd never heard of Ghost Bikes before, like you I hope that's not what this is but I think it's a lovely tribute and hopefully a helpful reminder to other car users.

My other half keeps trying to get me onto a bike but the idea of being on the road with cars and bendy buses (& pedestrians who step off the curb without looking - I've done that once, sorry cyclists everywhere!) with nothing to protect me but some visibility gear and a helmet really fills me with dread!

Style Canteen said...

I agree with you, I like the idea of cycling but not in London. It be far more constructive if the same energy and planning spent on the congestion zone went into extending safe cycling zones in built up areas?