Happy Lego

Today was little ray of sunshine, in this neck of the universe those can be hard to come by. If I'd snapped a picture of a good day somewhere in my minds eye. Today was one of those days, a good day, that just sort of came together. I got to indulge in my favourite pastime.. noseyitisism. I have been known to seeks out places that are a little off the beaten path, Central Saint Martins Museum & Contemporary Collection is one of those places. Don't be fooled by the website which is tres daggy. At the moment I'm spending Monday mornings helping the team catalogue the Queens dressmaker Hardy Amies personal wardrobe which dates back to the 1940's. It takes me a tad longer that it should do because I cant stop myself dissecting every thread and detail. Before you start yawning, this collection is a first class resource for researching quality mens tailoring designed and made in the UK. Instead I took part in a tour of the museums collection of textiles, ceramics, bubbled wrapped art, graphics, antiques books and a growing fashion collection including a billowing sleeved bibbed Bill Gibb maxi dress. Not your usual trippy past time but hey it works for me !

JCDC Versus LEGO from Four H on Vimeo.

That aside an afternoon talking trends is what I'm really going on about. The how's and whys of fashion forecasting presented by Bethan Alexander of international brand consultancy Brand Baker and Jane Kellock of WGSN. The heady combo of rewinding fashion history and fast forwarding into fashion future. Self indulgent happy times .. much like the silly grins my face makes watching the JCDC Versus LEGO S/S 3001 video. A good day rounded of by good evening visit from my next door neighbour bearing gifts. She's a student.. works at Habitat and thought I might like a little bit of Friends and Family discount cheer... aaawwwhh ... how sweet.

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