Maaike Mekking Studio Sale

This Christmas there's been an unprecedented amount of sample sales to get you in the mood to shop. Now would be a good time to invest in break through designers like RCA MA graduate Maaike Mekking. Mekkings rich mix of modern couture and whimsical aesthetic has a reputation thats been described as '..ethereal, romantic and decadent'.
Maaike Mekking is having a one day studio sale of A/W08 stock. Gift ideas for loved ones or better still for yourself.. hmmm the sweet smell of bargains suddenly wafts through the air. Plus there's the added bonus of a bit of a do.. thats mulled wine, dj's and I'm told good company.

Maaike Mekking A/W 08 Studio Sale
12:00-19:00 88 Greenfield Road Unit D London E1 1EJ

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Helen-LG said...

blast I missed it! Looked like a good collection as well..

I'm glad you mentioned the raft of sample/warehouse/studio sales this season, I wondered if it was just me but there seem to have been a lot more than usual!