We Are Together

I had a gentle nudge this morning, I think it was a reminder that responsibilities are being neglected. Once you get the prompt you cant really ignore it, its a call to get up, get out and do something. Had the chance to see Paul Taylors multi award winning film 'We Are Together' this morning. The children of the Moya family were orphaned after both their parents passed away from AIDS. Taylor was a volunteer at the Agape Orphanage where the youngest of the children now live in South Africa's KwaZulu-Natal. His experience was the catalyst for turning this heart breaking story into a film. You watch the family go through losing their oldest brother also to HIV. Yet they and the other children in this film have hope because they believe in themselves. The same self belief brings a bitter sweet happiness. I'm not posting this to get you to sign up and support the orphanage although you can do via various channels on the website and via Keep A Child Alive, the charity founded by Alicia Keys which is also a supporter of Agape. The message is about opportunities to doing something for somebody else, I don't think it matters much where, how big or small, whether its random, spontaneous or intentional acts. Isn't it more about the act of 'doing' that has the potential to make somebody else happy even if its only for a moment.

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Helen-LG said...

Fantastic project, good on you for publicising it