Charlotte Mann "Colour Is for Suckers"

"Colour Is for Suckers" is a comment I borrowed from Todd Marrone 'Artist Extraordinaire' describing his reaction to artist Charlotte Mann. I though it summed up her current work of black & white illustrations quite well! One of the first times I spotted Charlotte Mann's illustrations was in the Kicker X Project 2007 look book. If I could find the original look book in my huge collection of printed inspiration material I'd share some of my favourites with you. But seeing the Charlotte Manns translation brought back a few memories. I dug out a picture of me wearing my very first pair of Kick Hi's (a very bright red pair) on my 11th birthday. I had a Lovemark moment, I'd forgotten how attached I was to those boots, it was a bit like re-kindling a love affair with an old flame! Charlotte Mann used her signature graphic style of illustration to gently modernise the boot with a trailing oak and beech tree design on the heel and replaced the iconic flower fleurette tags with bird and girl shaped ones.

I'm drawn back to Charlottes Manns via a search for a life sized photographic exhibition spotted in a blogs rss feed (which again I cant find!) Instead I found Charlotte Mann maybe via designboom ? Her life size drawings have been adopted by fashion houses like Peter Jensen, the sheer size and lets not forgot the detail that she's illustrated in this 30 x 5m back drop for his S/S 07 catwalk is a feat of genius and stamina! These last few life size images are from the windows of b-store London. I completely impressed by her graphic installations of the goings on of everyday life using "black and white marker pen on glass, acetate and Colorama paper " . The amount of detail she captures, bicycle spokes, a stack of uneven cd's is fascinating not just because they are grand in size. But every image seems to tells a story, realistic depictions of every day objects that you can relate to because they basically represent contemporary life. Shame I missed these windows !

images courtesy of Charlotte Mann

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