Cosy Moment

Look closely at this random spotting on the way to the library. We've had the 'wearing your pyjamas outdoor' moment but this is odder still. London is cold and wet, it was only a light snow shower but its still wet. I wondered if this an optimistic attempt at keeping tootsies warm and dry. Ugg'esq slippers on the bus, maybe she was just popping out for a crusty bloomer (a bloomer is a loaf of bread best eaten toasted) ? hmmm ..


Ola said...

Now that's the spirit!

Helen-LG said...

Wow.. I've been known to wear my slippers to put the bins out but I can't imagine wearing slippers to go 'out' out..!
..Having said that once as a child (10ish) I did go out in my slippers having forgotten to change into my shoes - I only realised as I was getting out of the car at the other end and had to spend the day at a friends house feeling rather silly!

Juliana said...

i don't know, maybe it's because i'm brazilian, but i just think these boots (along with the crocs) are the ugliest looking shoes on the face of the planet...Juliana