'Get Loose.. Foot Loose'

For the past few months I've been immersed in the aesthetics of branding fashion, in depth and up close. Firstly I deliberated over posting this because it is not my intention to out anyone in particular. This is purely a 'citizen journalist' example of the Internet and fashion at its best or worst depending on how you look at it.

I've been road testing Vogue's new and improved website and the magnifying tool, mentioned here on CondeNet International, for me, this is one of its most important features. The option to zoom in on ultra sharp images is very different experience of viewing fashion on-line. Take for instance these lattice, killer heel, sandals. I was curious to see how the foot arch is supported. The magnifier tool is used alot for product shots or at least staged shots where photographs are airbrush to perfection. Vogue.co.uk have the tool available in hot of the catwalk super-high resolution images that allow you to get up very close to your favourite pieces. All you need to do is 'hover' your mouse over your image of choice for super-magnified detail in the box next door. It's a must have enhancement for fashion because of its 2-dimensional feel.

There is however one drawback, which makes not one iota of difference when your watching a show, or in a standard image. When your zoom in to this level you also get an eye full of actually, very normal looking feet I spotted chipped polish, torn nails, dry skin and corns ! (corns!) As feet are not everyone's favorite body part, when under the scrutiny of telescopic detail I came to two conclusions. Actually not everything needs to be perfect, models are real, they have feet like real girls who wear heels. But as much as it is strangely comforting to see 'real' feet tools as powerful as these will show up 'everything'. In an effort to combat 'dry foot', manicures, pedicures, pumice stones, a good supply of Palmers Coca Butter, petroleum jelly or Dr Scholls back stage might be an idea for the worst offenders.

images courtesy of http://www.vogue.co.uk/

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Helen-LG said...

Poor model in those blue ones, clearly they're the wrong size!

As you say it's slightly reassuring to see anyone can have a bad day with their feet but at the same time if you know you're modelling shoes surely you should give your feet a bit more attention..? (very easy for me to say this while sat in my big old boots with no experience of modelling, of course!)