In The Name Of The Blog

The lovely Ronke aka Ondo Lady gave us a mention in her article In The Name Of The Blog, Its a piece on the Independent Fashion Blogger site. I've know Ronke for a while, from my music days and now we are fellow bloggers. The blogosphere is big and can be lonely so its nice to share history and a common interest. When it comes to names I have a growing list in my 'ideas' note book, mostly they are the names for the 101 other blogs I'd like to get round to hosting and a couple of new business ideas I have roaming around in my head. Ronke asked me where my blog name Style Canteen came from and here is the official answer. An interesting article, she shares more thoughts on a range of topics on her blog and she does a grand job of it. I think she deserves a weblog award!
Have a read of the article, she also gets the low down from Susie Lau on Style Bubble and other interesting names like Disney Roller Girl and Cocoas Tea Party. I'm adding a new favourites to list Blabber-etcetera (nothing like the name suggests) and FFFFound!.
image by Kevin Murphy

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