Reverie NYC S/S 2009

I've been keeping an eye tuned into manifestations of other worldliness on the fashionnet and eagerly awaited the demise of the star story which thankfully has been naturally dwarfed by the universe. I'm actually quite partial to the idea of the galaxy not the chocolate kind but the big old one beyond London. So having been switched on to it by Makin Jan Ma I was chuffed to get an email from another person interested in life beyond the stars, ex-Parsons New School Ronit Genik has a new collection called Reverie. Ronit is a New York based designer born in Israel, raised in Brooklyn (if your a Let Them Eat Cake reader) you may have seen her work in issue 7. I should just say that I don't have many dresses in my wardrobe so I'm probably not the best blogger to write about them. Actually its not that I don't wear them, I really love dressing up in dresses! Its just that I am pretty inadequate in a pair of heels, anything higher than 2 inches is considered a danger to health, anybody in close vicinity beware. But since I feel like I need to wear a pair in order to get my dress swagger on (if you get my shift drift) I tend to blossom in summer frocks and flip flops. Although I haven't worn a hemline above my knees in a while I am quite partial to sheer fabrics and so I'm finding myself getting prepped by Ronits edgy, feminine style, very flattering and most importantly 100% wearable.

Back to the future, the Galaxy that is ! I asked Ronit about this particular theme.. the Galaxy print and she filled me in on the details..
"The print that I created is inspired by deep space, constellations and stars. I have always loved astronomy and the beautiful images that the gases, stars and sunlight create, its magical ! the colors and shapes are ethereal. Every piece in the collection is named after constellations. I was inspired by those images to create prints and use special details and trims like Swarovski crystals, metal studs, and special buttons to emphasis sparkle. Recreating whimsical and elegant constellation patterns on tops and dresses, I blended this concept with feminine silhouettes that are wearable and at the same time fun to wear and mix and match". To that I would add Ronits style is elegant, holding the space of edgy and elegant is not an easy one to pull off but Ronit is certainly doing a fantastic job of juggling the two.x
Unfortunately for me this is the closest I'm going to get to Ronit Genik, other a store in Milan called Anna C, Ronit Genik is available at the Launch Pad Showroom 35 Great Jones Street NYC.. Here's a link to the site which I think is down right down, but worth checking out when it back up and running

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