Jonas Nobel / Why Red Art Project

Swedish fashion label WHYRED is launching an art project, an exhibition with with Jonas Nobel. The current world recession is his focus for the Whyred collaboration. As Nobel explains, with a doom & gloom message that slaps you right on the cheek! "The economy is crashing, the climate collapsing, the end is near. Our collective conscience is obsessed by ideas of the coming apocalypse". Jonas Nobel is a multifaceted artistry uses a variety of styles to express his viewpoint. Common to all bodies of work and to the limited edition collection for Whyred, is his political undertone. Through a juxtaposition of materials and techniques and the usage of subliminal humor and a play on words, Nobel expresses his anger or frustration with a particular topic. Nobel's collection for Whyred is founded upon a fictive character consumed by the doomsday, representing our shared sub conscience.
images courtesey of WHYRED

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