21 Seconds of Fame

A little over 12 months ago I realised I was the lone blogger in my class of Strategic Fashion Marketers. I can recall the feeling of being a bit odd ball in that respect. Fashion journalists at the London College of Fashion are encouraged to blog as part of their course of study. Marketers in my group of 30 odd, either weren't blogging or were and not prepared to admit it. This was way back in November 2008 and a lot has changed since then, but at the time what was a marketer like myself supposed to blog about. I had an idea to join a few dots and explore the bits of fashionable culture i'm interested in and blogging became the outlet. In the process I've found myself talking to stylists, designers, make up artists that had never even clicked on a link to a blog let alone signed up to Blogger, Typepad or Wordpress.
As I said a lot has changed since then, however the point of this post was to share that this afternoon, in class, fashion blogs, blogging, bloggers were validated not once but three times in 2 hours! The first was blogs being rubber stamped and included in a list of relevant reach out and touch marketing tools. The second was my 21 seconds of fame, 3 images from an old post I'd written about Diesel Thirty Carnaby Street back in Oct, popped up on a screen in a fellow marketers group presentation (nothing to do with me ..that was a strange moment) the third was as part of our guest speaker Raoul Shah CEO of (integrated creative communications agency) Exposure's presentation. I'm an admirer of Exposure and have been for a while, they're dynamic, creative, authentic and different. I wanted to know Raoul thoughts on blogging, which he kindly shared and although Exposurer's aren't baring all and blogging about their work a day life at Exposure.. yet.. you know its just a matter of time. So while we wait, its official, bloggers, fashion blogging (not all) but some, blogging communities like Independent Fashion Bloggers are being given the seal of approval, as part of the now and next school of marketing.


PLATFORM said...

Very cool blog. I'll be coming back...


Style Canteen said...

Thank you and thanks for dropping by.. I'm over at platformmag taking a peek.. !