Peter Pilotto / London Fashion Week A/W 09/10

Getting re-accustomed to the catwalk schedule pace and in spite of day four feeling, that's wrecktified!. I feel it and I know know darn well that I'm looking like a hot mess. Forgot to put on the mascara and I didn't allow enough time to get my 'fro together. Oh well say la vie.. what ever will be. At the moment I'm keeping both eyes firmly fixed on dresses.. lots and lots of dresses. Every where I'm looking dress shapes and silhouettes are changing at a rapid pace! As a result you do naturally start appreciating out of your comfort zone. So Peter Pilotto was a show that I was anticipating would throw the door wide open and allow me to indulge in neo -forms and I wasn't disappointed, engaging and clever I'm hearting all over the collection. I feel like a Kid Kudi in a candy store.

The models were swaying down the catwalk with swagger hunny! How is it that a couple of guys can have such an informed understanding of the female form better than many of us girls do!? I'm tipping my beret to Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos. I can remember the first time I came across Peter Pilotto.. this seasons ago probably more . They were showing on the New Gen stand at the BFC LFW exhibition. I got talking to a guy on the stand because I thought, he was cute! He told me he was a brother to one of the designers (I forget which one) but he was so sweet, and did a great pitch, I think he thought I was a buyer, this was in the days before blogging. He handed me alot of Peter Pilotto promo literature, which funnily enough I can remember (it was a textile print on wrapping paper brown paper).

Personal show highlights are the autumnal eruption prints, the key look is short and draped. In my humble opinion Peter Pilotto do what they know and they do it very well. Sparkly beaded embellished coat dresses, a hint of fun with fluffy feathers and the huge geometric statement gold wrist cuffs which are a design collaboration Scott Wilson. You cant appreciate them in these pictures but they're ridiculously fine pieces of big jewellery.

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