Keira Thorley

Busy weekend awaits but for today I'm all about sharing the Love. I loving these bows and the gold leather jacket from Keira Thorley in snowy Scotland. There's quite the creative hub going on in the Scottish creative epicentre of Edinburgh. Next door to Bebaroque, literally in the studio next door is another this indie designer to keep on. She's not be out there for long, actually its her 2nd business birthday this month, Happy Birthday Keira! She began trading in February 2007 four seasons later this collection has a definite air of determination about it.

Keira works out of her boutique studio, and is pretty good at combining leather (an old favourite of mine) not an easy material to work with, with tailoring and other lux fabrics. I'm still a big fan of the bow. So her bow story tops up the sophisticated, cutesy, don't mess with, here comes the girl attitude. The more I look at this collection I'm really loving the gold jacket, the little black skirt, the ankle bow and the red bell shaped sleeved cape, very,very simple and elegant silhouettes!

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