Daniela Kamiliotis / The Selby

I make no apologies for my fascination with other people and their stuff or my tendency towards noseyitisness. Imagine my squeals of delight when I came across The Selby 'is in your place'.com I'm a frequent visitor to photographer Todd Selby's site which has an amazing archive of photographs of very interesting people in their wonderful work / living spaces. He also has my dream job, people, snooping, fashion, interiors, a camera (not that I'm any good with it, but one must dream right!) The Selby is blend of Cribs meets very cool, engrossing curated spaces rounded off with curious questions and answers hand written in coloured ink. Honestly, I allow myself to become totally absorbed in all the detail the more the merrier.

One of my favourites (I have two, the other is Michael Dupouy in his office, actually three Sarah at Colette, Paris) Daniela Kamiliotis is 'a set and costume designer, fine artist, and the VP of women's wear at Ralph Lauren'. This esoteric collection of belongings reminds of a Dickensian curiosity shop, its tremendous. There's so much going in this office, not that its too much, more like a very pleasant distraction. I wonder how she gets round to doing any work.

What collection of rings, the long thin one reminds me of a Bijules knuckle duster bar ring ..

images courtesy of The Selby

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