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Many of you will instantly know who this post is about from the picture above, for those who don’t it is the ‘og’ fashion blogger Susie Lau host of Style Bubble. A couple of Wednesdays ago I was one of the bloggers in attendance at a ‘Fashion and the Internet’ seminar at the London College of Fashion. It’s part of a series of conversations about fashion and the Internet hosted by the colleges research department. I had this idea grand idea to convert the sound recordings I’d made into my first ever podcast but rather than waste any more time fiddling about with sub-quality amr sound files which are hopelessly low grade. Here’s a readers digest of the evenings musings.

Susie Bubble took questions from Dr Agn├Ęs Rocamora and a larger than expected audience (some of whom, myself included sat on the floor rather than leave the auditorium). So we are well aware of the rise of the fashion blogger, and we know that fashion bloggers have caught the fashion and web 2.0 bug with gusto and ran with it leaving many fashion brands playing catch up. The London College of Fashion keeps it, it being finger on the pulse, relevant and Style Bubble is one of those that was first of the block, a fashion innovator, an early adopter in the adoption process.

There is something very interesting things about bloggers, even more so in the case of fashion bloggers. The anthropological side of my tired brain is drawn to people centricism of the blogger, a lone personality sat a computer somewhere sharing thoughts in a very exposed way to a potentially global audience, global could actually mean a handful of readers dotted around the world or with the minimum of promotion in excess of 200,000 visitors a month or a year even!

Susie serves up her own style of verbal splurgrrhoea to a more than healthy number of visitors a day, not bad when you consider she makes absolutely no claims to being a writer or a journalist more of a passionate fashion opinion spreader. What is amazing about that is it takes a certain type of person to open up a whole portion of their life to comments (from people known and unknown) good, bad and the sometimes ugly. It turns out that as well as being an uber blogger occasionally she’ll geek out and swap the fashionista hat for that of internet detective, and has been know to track down offensive comments by following IP address’ to unnamed publishing houses! An hour later and the audience is still animated, we learn that Susie’s old 9-5 was less than inspiring than her new job at Dazed Digital. So back in 2006 in need of a creative outlet she found a hobby on the side, a few aborted attempts at building a fashion website on Geocities and a growing presence on the Fashion Spot she decided to go it alone and start blogging on typepad.

One of the questions asked was about the secret to her blogging pace. Susie says shes naturally enthusiastic about fashion so blogging is a happy bonus which is ingrained as part of her daily routine. Spending alot of time online 1-2 hours a day blogging, each post taking 5-10 mins to write. She’s one of those that happily gets by on less than 5 hours sleep a night and has Dazed Digital as the perfect back drop to keeping up to date with what’s happening in the industry.

So has blogging changed her life ? other than being recognised in the changing rooms at Top Shop and knowing that the same retailer might cite Style Bubble in a mood board or two, Susie’s most defining moments include a mention in Teen Vogue which transformed her fashionable musings and interesting take on personal styling over night. She also adds that the quality of invitations from brands has also changed, blogger trips hosted by Chanel and Gucci make life a little more interesting and no doubt challenge the perception of what blogging is about.

I video blog so I asked Susie a quick question about video blogging and whether we would see more videos from her? Her answer surprised me, of all things it turns out that Susie is self conscious about the sound of her voice! She also predict a rise in the status of personal style bloggers like Fashion Toast (who is about to appear in an ad campaigns for a well known fashion brand). Its hard to know know where to stop with this Susie shared many interesting thoughts so I could go and on, but ultimately the message here is that the opportunities for fashion bloggers are opening up and for those prepared to put in the time and make a point of being different the global as they say is your oyster.

Had a walk around the munch and mingle at the end of the evening and these are a few of the other bloggers and vistors in attendance.

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