Candy 'Eat Me' / Wound Magazine

In a brightly lit room photographer Matthew Shave is shooting frame after frame of colour, these images belong to Wound Magazine 'Superstition' shoot. Loving this colour palette these pictures are so fresh they zing! They remind me of holiday I had once visiting Lizanna, my best friend from school in Cyprus, mediterranean sea blue and painted home fronts. The shoot couldn't be further from that, surreal and humorous, its about old wives tales, hand me down food folklore.

Garlic thins your blood and makes you pale skin, or was that Dracula?

Have you heard the about toast crusts making your hair curly ?

and the one about carrots make you see better in the dark.

Beauty by/ Nora Nona
Photography by / Matthew Shave
Styled by/ Samson Soboye

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Anonymous said...

I have just discovered this website & I love it...I especially like the colours used in the WOUND beauty shoot! What a great idea, its soo fresh. I also like all the reportage from London Fashion Week it makes it look so exciting.
I wish I was there...