London Fashion Week A/W 09/10 / ASHISH

Excuse the back to front London Fashion Week posts, I'm starting with cirque ASHISH because he got two thumbs up. Sometime before 5pm we're on board the BFC courtesy bus from the tent (the things you over hear on the bus..I'm twittering the more 'interesting' ones') on the way to Ashish. By then I'd seen literally.. little bit of everything Caroline Charles were friendly and sent me a ticket so I thought it courteous to attend, Noir/Bllack Noir were not so but I never let be said I dont try, a worthwhile effort as I loved the rubber black with a touch of glitzy gold texture (I'll post the respective shows as the week goes on), the Esthetica event and Eun Jeong.

Wound Magazine Editors: Nora Nona (Beauty) / Charles Adesanya (Fashion)
View from our seats .. rows Ashish badges, ARISE magazines and Vitamin water
Ashish was a well timed pick us up, he's not for everyone and thats perfect! Expected the unexpected, although in the case of Ashish.. you'd be disappointed if you werent surprised. Who else would invite a crowd over to Piccadilly Circus (already full of tourists and kids on half term to the Hippodrome, to see a pre show acrobatic hoop performance by Katherine Arnold, VV Brown & live band ! singing her socks off wearing a full sequinned Liberace piano motif shift dress. Full length sequinned slogan gowns, I certainly never expected to see the head of a knitted zebra on sat on a models shoulder. A couple of favourites pom poms were in abundance.. I'm not shy of the odd sequin here and there but the sway to go all the way in a snowflake cardi coat or the black and yellow blazer is strong.


Snow on safari..


georgina said...

ashish is the the most amazing label. His clothes are so cool and beautifull made. His show was gorgeous.

georgina said...

I love Ashish he is amazing. Cool collection and beautifully made clothes.