Love Issue 1 / Fashion & Fame

Just a few pages from Love issue , icons of our generation.. the one about 'Fashion & Fame'
These are from the bumper, HEAVY weight issue.. and are all I could get before my scanner packed up under the weight.. Do we Love it ??.. YES we do! well at least I do.


Ondo Lady said...

I bought a copy a week ago but have not had time to read it. Get me!! I never thought I would ever utter those words - no time for a glossy!! However, the magazine looks fab and is certainly heavy.

Style Canteen said...

Heavys not the word my shoulder felt the pain. I hauled it around LFW for a day because my A4 scanner couldnt handle it, I didnt want to break the spine so had this big idea to get into LCF and used the A3 scanner in between shows! what was I thinking! Love the whole concept.. its fashion meets 'Lovemark'.. If Kevin Roberts did fashion he'd love this!