MOMO / London Fashion Week A/W 09

One of my most favourite features of mobile blogging is blogging on the go, same thing right?! So I'm tweeting London Fashion Week on the top of the bus with the lady sat next to me ready my tweets. How do you tweet and pick up emails when your boxed into the corner seat of bus full families (its half term) and tourists in private? You don't, its impossible so I forgo my paranoia and pick up an email from Philipa about MOMO. I gave them a mention a few days ago, they were part of the African Fashion Collective that showed in New York last Friday, and they're here in London. Philipa apologised for catching me during the shows, she wanted to see if I'd heard of Momo yet? How did she know I was mid show, I questioned whether maybe I was over doing the twittering? I reasoned that had I not been blogging mobiley! I would have missed her mail and missed the opportunity to spread the word by the old fashioned way.. talking face to face.. ! word of mouth.. fascinating stuff. So thanks for the heads up Philipa.

If your not familiar with the name MOMO that because Fati Asibelua's label is based in Nigeria. She studied at Instituo Maragoni, and since 2000 has opened four boutiques in Africa. She showed at OnOff this season in their new space at the Science Museum, just after Peter Pilotto. I sat front row with my camera loving almost every minute of the presentation. Almost because I missed Alek Wek open the show (I had my head down trying to switch the camera on) It's my first time watching Alek Wek and Jourdan Dunn sashay the catwalk, I love both of these woman they both looked fabulous in high, high head wraps, the staple little black silk strecthy dresses, metallic silver knits and super shiny, glossy rubber leg wear, which I don't think were part of her collection? But they did had a touch of the London vibe, they looked perfect with the heavy knit jumper dress. The bestest thing about MOMO and Fati is that she too is shining and thats a heart winner, a great boost for Nigerian fashion.

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