DRAMA @ Tim Soar / b store

A couple of weeks I got an email from DRAMA Magazine.. it was an invite to check out the mags 'amazzzingg' new publishing format .. download able on iphone..! I checked out the online version and he's right its pretty amazing! However I had a small dilema should I let Drama know I don't own an iphone and run the risk of getting sniggered out of mobile blogs ville (not cool!) or just blag it? I sent a meek response I love Drama ! but I dont have an iphone so I cant read it, can I phone a friend? No matter came the response it also works on iPod touch! Oh great, fabulous.. I dont have one of those either. Beyond the content dance, fashion, film, music & TV the best thing about DRAMA is it technical features.. so thats no pinch zoom, 3.5' h-definition screen capability for me.

A couple of weeks later I'm on my own waiting for the Tim Soar & b store show to get started. Behind me Ram Shergill Editor-in-Chief and fashion photographer is being interviewed. I tune into to him talk up the magazine and its potential to revolutionise both on and off line fashion magazine publishing. DRAMA Magazine is the world's first fully download able magazine. Its for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch and available from the iTunes store. After the camera stopped rolling I turned round and introduced myself to Ram. We briefly before the lights went down, Ram has a great sense of humour, borrow and iphone and get downloading he suggested. So I did .. as they say at DRAMA ..take a seat, it’s time to raise the curtain and let the DRAMA begin. Fashion and performance forever!!

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