Colette / LAMJC Deck Shoes

Two style of shoes jostling my for attention a vintage pair of Clarks Originals Desert boots, and a special pair of deck shoes in my size. The desert boots are laying low for the moment, I came very close a couple of weeks ago I found a brand new pair on a forgotten shelf in a charity shop. It was worth a try but my size 6 could'nt squeeze into the size 3.
Having better luck with deck shoes, a favourite have arrived! not via the postie but via Colette. LA MJC Sebago are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the legendary Dockside with two exclusive limited editions. The house colours black, purple and white crosses have been carried over from the website design and also on a New Balance 1500 (also designed for Colette). As a cool detail, they have used the original Sebago font to write La MJC on the legendary Docksides! Both pairs are limited to 40 pairs each that 32 pairs for mens, 8 pairs for women's (personally I think it should have been the other way round for a change) but I'm just a lil blogger chick who cares what I think! Only downside is if you cant get hold of the from Colette, unlucky, as the consignments only available at Colette and nowhere else. They're 160 euros here's the link for more info and to buy them online

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