Duro Olowu @ Oxfam Westbourne Park

Couldnt wait to share this, so I'm blogging on the go..again (oh the life of a mobile blogger..sigh) 'Research' shop today is some of the best couple of hours I've spent walking the streets of SW7 & W9/10. I'm out with clients working on a new charity boutique project. This one is very exciting and the clients are great.. so open and willing to try a little bit of 'London' in Essex. They even indulged in some retail research most of which involved ooohhh and aaahhing over the entire Oxfam in Westbourne park. Which is one of three Oxfam boutiques re-created by Jane Shepherdson.

Here's the bit I couldn't wait to share. I'm out researching with the best in stylist come personal shoppers. I'm working and he's working those rails. Thanks to his keen eye I now own this original Duro Olowu A/W 2007 Ready-to-Wear (slide 7 of the Style.com slide show) piece purchased from the Oxfam Westbourne Park for the princely sum of £17.00! If Duro ever finds out, he'd be awfully, well mad, thankfully not at me I'm the lucky one. The dress is in absolutely perfect condition and will be welcomed into a loving home called wardrobe. Here's a pictutre of the proof and another of Oxfams gift wrapping. Not bad at all! I'm very chuffed as they say.

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