The Future's Bright Everyone...Bright Pink!

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I would say this...but I am loving the very 'of the moment' Pink trend (not the singer, the colour). The latest incarnation of pink lippies and funked up nail colours are not for the faint hearted. They are BRIGHT,BOLD and BRASH! Think 80's neons with a noughties gloss. Lipsticks are to be worn as a 'come to me baby' stand out ,featured on an otherwise neutral and pared down face ( one coat of mascara & subtle but shimmery eyeshadow), whilst the shocking pink polishes should really only be worn on short almost boyish looking nails.

Butter London gets my vote as having one of the hottest shades of pink nail polish ( or lacquer as it is referred to in Butter land) available. The depth of colour is absolutely perfect , staying power saw me through a whole week with just two barely noticeable chips and the shade name 'London Underground' makes me feel cool enough to hang out in Hoxton with the hip Hoxtonites ! What's even nicer about Butter Nail Lacquers is that they are all non toxic (no nasty formaldehyde's, DBP's or toluhene ) .
For those of you not so bold, then definitely try Leighton Denny's 'All About Me' nail polish . This pink although not the popping party pink of the season is still quite fresh looking and begs to be painted onto newly pedicured summer toes. Other worthy mentionables to keep you in the pink are MAC's limited edition 'Hello Kitty' (worth buying just for the kitsch packaging) Something About Pink nail polish and their stunning lippie Impassioned. Apply Impassioned while blasting Lady Hawkes 'Paris is Burning' or Bananarama's 'Cruel Summer' and gain instant cool kudos.


Mar said...

Peenk! Why are you trying to make me poor(er)?

My favourite pink right now is YSL's Rouge Volupte #10. I have to stop myself from wearing it to bed.

Anonymous said...

ooh i've been looking for a new shade of pink!! I love pink its my favourite colour and so so on trend at the moment! Presently i have used Revlon's new tropical pink though looking for a more 80's retro pink. I love the sound of butter London's new shade, London underground! Even the name is awesome. Will go to the shops tomorrow and have a look! Thanks Stylecanteen!

Chantal said...

FYI - Butter London Nail Lacquers are available on
Happy Shopping!

Natasha said...


I've been hearing about the wonders of Butter London for a while. My client bought some over the weekend as she has heard it's the 'in thing!'

I think I need to try them out myself, I understand one of London's hottest
manicurist's was involved in the creation of the range!

Keep writing, I'm loving your special perspective!

Natasha - Luna Estelle

Anonymous said...

I have never thought of myself as a pink girl, but reading your piece on the latest shades of pink makes me want to reconsider and go for it! I will be asking my manicurist tomorrow to paint my nails pink for the weekend and on my upcoming trip to London I will be seeking the above brands. Thanks Style Canteen! Juicychef from Miami