Li Edelkoort Archeology of the Future

My interest in trends was sparked by the focus of the exhibition Archeology of the Future: 20 Years of Trend Forecasting. Looking at with future with the help of forecaster Li Edelkoort.
This is the first the first retrospective event dedicated to Edelkoort's work and also the first exhibition that focuses on trend forecasting as a profession.
Archeology of the Future is a seven part exhibition organised by juxtaposing trends two in each area. Simple labels with accompanying visuals BODY & SOUL / GLOBAL & LOCAL / FLORA & FAUNA / URBAN & RURAL / ARMOUR & AMOUR / ABSTRACTION & NARRATION / NIHILISM & HEDONISM.
Edelkoort studys trends as long-term phenomena rather than passing fads, from the food we eat, the way we decorate or homes, the flowers we buy to the colours of our wardrobe. Fourteen trends reflecting key lifestyle movements of the last twenty years, from 1990 to 2010. The exhibiton also includes a variety of design, fashion and photography from around the world and other treasures from Edelkoort's personal archive.
Archeology of the Future: 20 Years of Trend Forecasting @ The Insitut NĂ©erlandais 121 rue de Lille, 75007, Paris, France.

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