Powder Cadillac 1B-2140 & Desert Twilight 6A-3410

You can meet some lovely people waiting in line at the BFC LFW tent. In between blagging a couple of invites for friends without for the b-store show and catching up with Harris Elliot (he designed the b-store man bag collection for the show) Samson introduced me to Olah Gyarfas the creative brains behind the young cutting edge, up market Romanian label Rozalb de Mura. It was a nice surprise I'd never hung out with anyone from Romania before and I'd stopped by his stand at OnIOff the day before and had a chat with Dragos who kindly sent me these images. I missed the catwalk show (what would we do without Dazed Digital!) but caught up with Olah after the b-store show on the way to Fashion East Mens Wear Installations. Olah is very tall, very quiet, has quick reflexes (he caught my Fashion East invite as a gust of wind blew it out of my hands and into the path of an oncoming car on Brompton Road) and he's extremely gracious and polite.

Powder Cadillac 1B-2140 & Desert Twilight 6A-3410 is the colour chart inspired title of Rozalb de Mura AW 09/10 collection. Rozalb is mostly menswear but it has a small, but beautiful formed womenswear collection which Olah presented in the exhibition showcase. The collection is built around the colour of the future predicted in imaginary research by famous color psychologist Max Luscher! all pieces are created with great precision 'cutting, sewing, ironing and numbering'. An unexpected dip in a Dulux paint tub creates the uniform workwear colour palette, guys in greenish-grey and girls in baby pink. Baby pink and ruffles! not exactly the look you'd expect for your winter wardrobe but it seems to me that if your going to push your limits and pucker up your lips in pink would it not be a worthy idea it extend the intrepid steps to ones wardrobe with a touch of Powder Cadillac?
images courtesy of Tibi Clenci / Rozalb de Mura

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