Spring Skin

Save Our Skin for here is Spring! If like me you have been in a perpetual state of denial that winter is well and truly saying goodbye and that spring is, well, sprung! then ladies, I am sorry to be the barer (no pun intended) of bad news. Opaque tights, cashmere jumpers and other cozy winter cover ups will soon have to abandoned, it's finally getting warm enough to show some skin!

I am a HUGE fan of exfoliators and luxurious body creams. I swear by them, so this side of the Spring Skin Prep is second nature to me. Where I do need a gentle nudge ..maybe a PUSH is in the not so glamorous 'hair removal' stage of prepping for spring, my excuses being.. I'm a single gal, so who exactly am I shaving/waxing my legs for ? and it's winter, opaque tights cover not-so-hair-free-legs so very well. Well, as the Sun has persisted in shining over London town for the last few days I have in turn accepted that my semi-neglected winter skin needs some much needed ready for spring loving.

I started off on Monday by 'defluffing' my legs with Parissa's 2 in 1 Roll-on Body Sugar which is available at Whole Foods or Boots. Sugaring removes hair gently and naturally right from the root and usually results in at least 6 weeks hair free bliss. I am a bit of an at home waxing/sugaring novice and admittedly was a little intimidated by all the instructions and the bits and bobs that came with the kit ....but let me tell you something...this stuff really really works and does EXACTLY what it says on the box. What's especially cool about the kit is that it comes with two rollers , one big one for legs and body and a teeny tiny one for eyebrows , face and bikini. I am loving it! This is my favourite new beauty discovery and I truly endorse it's effectiveness . My housemate Camille even got swept up in my enthusiasm and is now walking around our flat with a very smooth patch of hairless skin on her left leg!

Tuesday I packed away my Palmers Cocoa Butter (stop gasping!) and said Yes to Carrots ...no really I did. Yes To Carrots is a yummy range on sale in Debenhams. The Yes to Carrots range includes body smoothing lotions and potions packed with Dead Sea mud and minerals as well as organic fruits and vegetables such as Pumpkin, Sweet Potato and Carrot Oil. I tried the Deliciously Rich Body Butter and was very surprised at just how quickly the butter practically melted into my skin. The creamy texture felt like a small slice of heaven on my newly freed of fluff legs and my shoulders held on to an almost 'post holiday' like glow for hours after I had lotioned up. I continued to use the body butter throughout the rest of the week and noticed my skin becoming softer by the day. I feel as if I have been let in on a secret that 'women with glowy skin' have known about for some time and I am so happy that I am now a part of their posse.

On Wednesday night after a long hot bath I slathered my still damp skin with Ole Henriksen lavender body oil from Harvey Nicks, and wrapped myself up in my big fluffy Four Seasons cotton bath robe ( a gift from my Mom) and fell into one of the best sleeps I have had in weeks...ahhhhhh bliss. So, I have defluffed, moisturised and oiled my skin into spring luminosity ...what a week. By the way, my recommended track for all of this essential Spring Skin Prep ? Q-Tip's Vivrant Thing of course!

L.O.V.E. Chantal


Gina P said...

Am definitely going to be trying Parissa's body sugar. Like you I'm not very good with home wax and sugar stuff, but if you can do it - so can I!! cheers for the tip!

Marteen Hanson said...

Great Timing Style canteen, I was hoping to Defluff this weekend whilst I had a little 'Me' time on my hands. Parissa Sounds great, I will go check out my nearest boots now for it.
Thanks again for the tips, there is nothing like showing off smooth butter skin in the summer months and thereafter : )

Natasha - Luna Estelle said...

As per usual I'm loving this week's article on preparing the body for Spring. It makes me want to go out and buy them.

Heidi said...

Oh......I am sitting here reading these reviews and wishing I was in London ready to prepare my skin for the coming Spring!
They all sound delicious!!

I want them all!!! OH I feel priveleged to have been let in on these little secrets!

Thank you Style Canteen! x

Style Canteen said...

You are out there in Sydney lapping up all that glorious Summer Sunshine !!! Please check the websites for the products for availability in Australia ..we wouldn't want you to miss out :-)