WHAT? Magazine

"Man is least himself when talks in his own person, but give him a mask, and he tells you the truth.. "One of the coolest feelings I've ever had was when I bought my first wig. It was fuchsia, and sleazy like hell. Not because my hair was mess, or that it was falling out, but because it was the first time I was able to experience the world of a different girl in me. It was major..." lyrics by Karen Binns

You gotta love the bear it all, keep it real confidence.. fuschia wigs and breaking hair, we heard you loud and clear, bad hair day.. does it ever end! These days Karen Binns is blonde, and as the saying goes she's having fun ..juggling business! The introduction and first couple of paragraphs are lyrics from What? Magazine the most recent stylised creation from stylist to stars (like Estelle) Karen Binns. The truth is.. that stylist slash magazine editor slash publisher is working on her personal marketing strategy to weather the recession storm.

The truth is.. that unless you stand out from the competition, how are you going stand out from the competition! By walking mutually beneficial paths in tandem, pulling up sleeves, pushing ones other creative self. If you style for the media, why not style your own media? So this is Binns' baby a surrealist popular culture publication that toys with the inner self .. looking at what happens when you listen to you (hence the conversation between Barbra & Janice in the 'battle of the textile trends'. The staple less pages lend themselves neatly to A2 pull out posters for your wall. Five double pages beautifully shot by Anders Brogaard & art directed by Robert de Niet . We heart What?!


Heidstar said...

oooh i'm looking forward to getting my hands on this mag!
I've been asking myself a similar question recently "Is he really thinking about me?"

And standing out from the competition is FABULOUS! Only problem is most boys are quite insecure these days, so give them a slight challenge or add a little spice and competition and they're almost running away?!? ..

Style Canteen said...

Hedie.. ! hows Australia..are you coming over to remember the delights of London anytime soon?!