Ashish, Pointer, Eley Kishimoto,

Today I tried and failed to fit in Village Press and Alexander McQueen. I really wasn't to blame I lay that responsibility as Ashishs door. We got a little bit way laid going to the whole collection. Now i'm listening to Janelle Monae "Many Moons" on Base as I'm posting Ashish. They're the perfect synergetic music and fashion match Ashish "gimme more gimmee more sequins.. and Janelles wild streak they're both out there some where!
No idea where you'd wear either of these but the whole collection has a feel good factor of
10! Makes you feel like getting dressed up and going to a ball or something!
Is there a gown for the Diamond Ball in here..?
Sam reckons the sequined pants should say Dalston, Ruislip and Kew Gardens!
Pointer shoes for boys.. I wish they did these in smaller sizes preferably size 5/6 exact same shoe maybe a little bit gentler for girls..
Jet Set Masala Eley Kishimoto airplanes and hostess EK .. Eley Kishimoto button, pin, badge.
This is THE winter hat.. and liking the airplane knit pattern.. cute!
Kenzo have a great selection of embellishement and furs. Although I cant figure the mongolian fur making a come back. Love the fur jacket and the fluted detail on the back..

the detail on the back ..
These 3 boards were propped up against the wall in the in the Pointer room..
lizard, fish scales and other random spottings..


Miles Alexander Hart said...

some amazing finds here =)

Style Canteen said...

Hey Miles.. arent they just, Village Press have choice clientele! lots to pick from.