Ballers In The Manor..

Yesterday was the Diamond Ball we had the maddest time listening to 80's / 90's pop revival courtesy DJ Large and his disco light set.. Prodigy twisted fire starter, Madness and everything, I mean everything in between. Rewind a few hours before getting ready at Sam's boutique with Sam and Marie.  I so had the choicest of gowns and was ready to be crowned the belle of the ball of the Manor (formerly associated with extra curricular East End gangster special interest concerns). Meanwhile back at the boutique it was decision time .. 3 Ashish slip dress' to pick from and which one should accompany me to the Manor. The queen of hearts (as worn by Katy Perry, Waking Up In Vegas), the piano number or the snowflake (as worn by V V Brown). 

Hanging up in the changing room waiting to tried doesn'tdo them justice but on brown skin the shimmy and sparkle looked amazing!!.. (ummm.. thats what the judging panel said) and I felt unbelievably glam. 
headless in Shoreditch / Marie modelling Sam's latest collection of sequined scarves

I tried on the snowflake it was the hands down winner. The cut of these dresses are perfect, loose enough to hid a lil love handle and just loud enough for an eye catching sparkle it me here I come. 
Sam in his dickie bow! 

All 24 carat gold things to come to those that wait, theBelmacz Glow and Blitz arrived .. I'm not big on make-up I leave that to Chantal.. some light on the eyes and the pout, it fitted neatly into my clutch it happened to be all the make up I needed.


Miles Alexander Hart said...

AMAZING tops! proper safe (i think that means good)

Style Canteen said...

Hey Miles.. hows it going?.. the dresses got so many ooohs and wow's, they are proper, proper good lol!