Natasha Khan Bats For Lashes

Grabbing a sandwich a couple of days ago in the canteen and spotted a flyer on the notice board tickets to a private gig Bats For Lashes pre-album launch. Now word is spreading, buzzing around the halls and I overhear to unlikley conservative types ladies in the ladies talking up Natasha Khan from Bats for Lashes. Talking like their in the know and obviovusly they are because at the point I wasnt sure who Bats For Lashes was, were.. interstingly her biog says she spent parts of her childhood in Pakistan, she's a slasher.. singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and visual artist and she lives by the seaside.
Now she's in the building, looking laid back dark, romany-hippie-rock'esq. I'm hanging around outside the canteen at LCF while i'm on the phone watching the band lugging equipment into the lift and through to the canteen. Its a ticket only acoustic set for (and once again i'm having to pass it up to meet a deadline... boooo!!. Waiting for time to pass is crazier than watching paint dry..come on January 2010!) DJ Annie Mac & Nick Grimshaw Saturday show on BBC Sound. I think she's performing her latest track Daniel.

images courtesy of Bats For Lashes

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