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Why bother taking pictures of interesting places, people and things if all you can remember is the the area.. "I was in the vicinity of" doesn't work as well as Carolyn Massey Reflect Forward Exhibition at Craft Central St Johns Square off Clerkenwell Road. When big brothers not invading your privacy or catch you on a bunk off from work! Google maps  super zoooooommm function has its uses. 
Hadnt expected to be in Clerkenwell for long but I popped in into Craft Central to say hi to Tessa and stayed to catch Reflect Forward 2009 winner Carolyn Massey exhibition. These images are from her exhibition, a sneak peak at her back stage workings. Massey opens up her creative process, everything from the pieces that inspire the process, to sketches, objects, doodles and etchings. Inspiration for her A/W 09 collection, which I wasnt allowed to photograph, was pinned up around the exhibition came from the Museum of London Dress and Costume Archive and the National Army Museum Archives at Sandhurst. The genius behind her award winning idea was to quote from the historical garments then push the inspiration into a cutting edge mens wear, she took the man cape to Top Man so hey its a process that working for Carolyn. Loving the heavy knit fisherman jumper, the suspended body form suggests killer shoulders and the simple chunky man rope make the nautical sailor style pop. 
If the next pieces look like they're from a museum, that because they are..
Love this brass railway time piece and vanity desk..
50's retro packaging its the box lid for the Pifco Eletric Trouser presser for people who own very small trousers or had a couple of days to spare ironing a trouser leg. Anyway I like the packaging.. I have been know to spend a couple of quid on packaging that looks very similar. Mines housed a brand new old school rotary hand whisk. Did my best to keep the box but whats the point if keeping these lovely bits of stuff if your not going to use them. So alas the box got battered but the whisk is gets used regular, at least once a week making up pancake batter.
Not so much a message more of a dickie bird in a bottle
guys ..and girls 6 steps to tieing the perfect dickie bow tie.. 
As I leave the building I spot 'Craft Central Recycles' in the window. Recycled materials and off cuts are passed to young people to recreate them into something new and original extending the products life.. Nice! 

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