Diamond Ball

I've been invited to a Diamond Ball, this is the first time I've ever been invited to a ball, so I'm clueless. From my head to my toes I have absolutely no idea what to wear and even less of a plan when it comes to where do I start..! However there are gaps in the jewellery section of my wardrobe which I'm trying to fix. A predisposition to buy shiny tom foolery that never again sees the light of day has left me with a lack of confidence in my choices. Bar a necklace that I've rehashed from a Ralph Lauren Chanel'esq chain and a gold crystal encrusted teddy bear with arms, legs or ears I have no wow jewellery. I'm keeping options open because jewellery for me is a bit like red lips I love shine and drama but I'm not bolshy enough.. yet, to really go for it.

I love silver so I'm thinking maybe it's a good place to start searching. My collection of clippings includes this collar and bracelet. They're from the Georg Jensen Regitze collection designed by Regitze Overgaard. These white pages aren't the best background for showing off silver jewellery, but these are going in the right direction. Statement pieces that are minimal in design, elegant, a little formal but most importantly that have lots of potential to be worn dressed up or down.


Miles Alexander Hart said...

screw convention.. wear short-shorts, a cravat, and be on your way

Style Canteen said...

Thanks for the prod Miles!.. your right I'll be doing me ..I'll pass on the the short-shorts but I like the cravat..interesting idea.