Mark Lebon / Dr Noki's NHS A/W 09

Chatting with Sam .. he's been doing tutorials with LCF BA Styling students today, seems he's been a bit of a hit with the class. He got chatting to Mark Lebon the photographer about tonight the preview of Mark Lebon flim for avant garde fashion house Noki's House of Sustainability A/W 09 I've spotted Mark walking around the corridors at Davies Street or John Princes Street??, he's tall and wears a face full of whiskers you cant miss him, its his look, its interesting! I often wondered who he was, what's he up to.. and now I know. 

Mark Lebon Film.. 'Dr Noki's NHS (Noki's House of Sustainability) tonight 24th April '09 6-7 pm London College of Fashion John Princes Street next street on from Hennes Oxford Circus. 

image courtesy of Marks Myspace page 

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