“Firenze è sommersa” ..Florence is submerged

Product Placement, selling Liquid Cat by Liquid Cat
ARPEACEWA by Niccolò Angeli &  Riverside Pic-Nic by Arabeschi di Latte

Thankfully travel isn't strictly limited to the big red double decker bus ride around London.. Arhitecture is always a pet faveourite of mine so although one hasn't had the opportunity to visit in person there is always a way to findout whats going on in the rest of the worls. These pictures come via from the 7th edition of Rotte Metropolitane Routes.. the brainchild of Daniele Ciullini an initiative launched by the cultural department in the City of Florence. The idea behind the project was to present the end results of an investigation that took place in the city to search out the most creative of newly emerging organisations and projects.
BATEAUBLEU by Maison Biò  & Salotto Mobile (Living room on the move) by Katia Giuliani

“Florence is submerged writes Marco Brizzi in the introduction to the catalogue, just as it was experienced by the original architects. Starting from this point, a group of observers (Giacomo Bazzani, Elisa Biagini, Nicola Santini e Pierpaolo Taddei, Carlo Scoccianti, Gianni Sinni) coordinated by Marco Brizzi, investigate the artistic reality of Florence in search of its creative elements and the projects talent that exists in and around the city.

It's strength is the animated conversations going on between the photographer and people, stuff on back of trucks, discarded picnic hamper box. Nothing amaxing there, Its both irreverent and telling but the whole project appeals to me because of iMage promotion of architectural culture. In my uneducated architectural opinion its the simple initiatives like this for young people who really engage in the projects and offer perspectives that may otherwise be forgotten to be asked. iMage specialise architectural communication, making use of new technologies using instruments that encourage conversations  dialogue between architects and their audience. In their own words.. "We cultivate relations between professionals in the field of architecture, the media and public or private institutions"  

In particular, Gianni Sinni (graphic designer, Lcd ), in his role as an observer, invited 5 young graphic designers Niccolò Angeli, Annamaria Greco, Marco Lari, Katiuscia Mari and Niccolò Mazzoni to each design large billboards (6 meters x 3 meters) which would be displayed in a central piazza in Florence. .

muri murmure by Andreas Schwarzkopf & Firenze: Palazzo Vecchio by Anna Maria Greco
Non A Tutti Piace L'Erba (Not everybody likes grass) by Esibisco & rifLettere by Marco Lari

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