From Cape Verde with Love..

Girls, say.. 'hiiiii' to Dorival & Alberto from Cape Verde. The best worst thing I did this past weekend was make us late for the Diamond Ball. We being myself, Sam and Marie, at the crucial moment when you need to leave to make the salmon mouse starters. Dorival and Alberto walked in and I could not leave without talking photos so really it was they who made us late! 
Dorival, laid back book in pocket.. the finance guy and Alberto the avant-garde individualist. Both are fabulously cute and intelligent.. they speak 6 languages each.
Love the attention to detail, button down collar shirt buttoned to the top.
Single breasted raw silk jacket with sateen trim edge and button detail and a
polka dot silk square in the breast pocket, and a neat turn up on his denims with
shiny new Converse.

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